Monday, May 05, 2008

Service Sciences and Semantics

The next Web Standards group Canberra meeting is 22 May 2008. The topics are Service Science technologies and GRDDL. You will have to come along to find out what these are, because I haven't a clue and can;'t work it out from the supplied descriptions. ;-)
First speaker: Dr Darrell Williamson, Deputy Director for the CSIRO ICT Centre
Topic 1: Service Science technologies and architectures in the ICT Centre

Darrell will be discussing the science, technologies and architectures that CSIRO ICT Centre has been developing in the area of Service Sciences. He will describe the role of Services in general, then follow it up with work that has been done in the area of Service Platforms, Semantic services, Web services and what the future holds in these areas.

Dr Darrell Williamson has undergraduate degrees in Science and Electrical Engineering, a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Newcastle and a Doctoral degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University. Darrell was Head of Department of Engineering, and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the Australian National University, and later Director of the Telecommunications and Information Technology Research Institute at the University of Wollongong. Darrell was also Chief Executive Officer for the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) in Advanced Computational Systems, and in February 2003, he became Chief Executive Officer for the Smart Internet Technology CRC. Darrell has served on various industries advisory committees including the Information Industries Development Board of the ACT Government and the National Advisory Committee of Item3 Pty Ltd. Darrell is currently the Deputy Director for the CSIRO ICT Centre.

Second speaker: David Ratcliffe, CSIRO e-Services Integration group
Topic 2: GRDDL - an explanation and demonstration

One of the recent recommendations that has come out of the W3C is the GRDDL (Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages). David will be explaining what it is and also its application. More than that he will be walking you through a demonstration so that you can get hand's on experience with semantic technologies.

David Ratcliffe joined the e-Services Integration (eSI) group at CSIRO in 2004 as a software engineer working on data and web service composition planning for the Wedgetail (DFDMSA) and EDKMS2 projects. David was concurrently involved in upgrades to the Australian Plant Pest Database (APPD), a live information integration system, and the Boeing RFID1 project. Since 2005, David has continued work on the EDKMS projects, focusing on further developing the semantic data and web service integration capabilities of the eSI group.

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