Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Virtual Australian Cyber Security Centre

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard speaking in the DSD Cyber Security Operations Centre
There are media reports critical of the level of planning and resourcing for the Australian Cyber Security Centre ("Gaps exposed in Australian Cyber Security Centre plan, John Hilvert, IT News,Feb 13, 2013 7:00 AM). However, the Australian Cyber Security Centre at present is a goal, more than a "plan". It may be that the Australian Government is waiting for release of Cyber security measures by the US White House, which are due shortly. It would make sense for Australia to coordinate its efforts with its the USA. One area not sufficiently addressed in Australian announcements so far is coordination with private industry, who operate most of Australia's critical infrastructure. It would be little consolation to Australians to know their government is still functioning after a cyber-attck, if supplies of medicine, food, water and electricity are disrupted. Also there is no need for more than a very small cyber security centre, as telecommunications can be used to securely link existing operations centres. Seconded staff in the central facility can then work with their colleagues in law enforcement, the military, government and industry across Australia and around the world.

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