Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Bubble shower adapter to save water

CSIRO are promoting the New Zealand made Oxijet ‘low flow’ shower adapter from company Felton. This screws in between the water pipe and the shower head, injecting tiny air bubbles to bunk up the water. To the person showering it appears they are getting more water than they actually are, thus proving a shower with less water. I have had a device of this sort from Australian company E-Co  in my shower since 2005 and it works very well, the effect being of showering in effervescent water. There was also the Oxygenics shower head., seems to operate on the same principle as the E-Co and CSIRO units. CSIRO previously announced a device in 2007. That CSIRO announcement appeared to be worked very similar to that of a maker of a bubble shower already on the market.

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