Friday, February 08, 2013

ICT Skills Panel

NICTA are hosting an "ICT Skills Panel" in Canberra on 13 February 2013. There is a good lineup of speakers and topics (I have spent the last year considering these questions while undertaking tertiary studies).

Techfest 2013 ICT Skills Panel
  • How does Austrlaia increase the ICT skills talent pool?
  • What do studnets relly think of a career in ICT?
  • What incentives are there for students considering a career in ICT?
  • How do we reboot tertiary ICT education?
  • How do we make sure we are producing graduates with the right skills for new industries and business?
MODERATOR: Prof. Simon Kaplan, Education Director, NICTA
  • Matt Barrie, CEO,
  • Suzanne Campbell, CEO, AIIA
  • David Harrison, Managing Director, Mammoth Media
  • Lucky Katahanas, ICT Entrepreneur and App Developer
  • Dr Stuart Feldman, VP Engineering, Google, East Coast, USA
ps: Unfortunately NICTA have published the details of the event in the form of a blurry image. Whoever did this must have missed the part of their ICT course covering  the legal requirements for accessible web design.

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