Friday, February 22, 2013

Australian Government Open Information Access Report

Greetings from Canberra, where Professor John McMillan, the Australian Information Commissioner just launched the report "Open public sector information: from principles to practice".  The commissioner pointed out that agencies have difficulty with the accessibility for the disabled of their documents and do not have metadata for many documents. Another challenge was agencies implementing the government's policy of open access being the default. Professor McMillan was speaking at an event organized by NICTA as part of "Open Data Day".

Open public sector information: from principles to practice

Report on agency implementation of the Principles on open public sector information

February 2013


  1. Foreword
  2. Background to the PSI survey
    1. Outline of this report
  3. 1. Summary of findings
    1. Overview of key challenges
    2. Priority areas for action
  4. 2. Results
    1. Open PSI Principle 1: Open access to information – a default position
    2. Open PSI Principle 2: Engaging the community
    3. Open PSI Principle 3: Effective information governance
    4. Open PSI Principle 4: Robust information asset management
    5. Open PSI Principle 5: Discoverable and useable information
    6. Open PSI Principle 6: Clear reuse rights
    7. Open PSI Principle 7: Appropriate charging for access
    8. Open PSI Principle 8: Transparent enquiry and complaint process
  5. 3. Analysis
    1. Strong agency leadership
    2. Strategic management of PSI assets
    3. Public engagement
    4. Information management
    5. Using Web 2.0 to support open PSI
    6. Open licensing
    7. Charging for access to PSI
    8. Complaints and enquiries processes
    9. PSI issues for galleries, libraries, archives and museums
    10. Keeping abreast of international developments
  6. Appendix A – PSI survey methodology
    1. Survey implementation
    2. Focus groups
    3. Interim results
  7. Appendix B – Summary of UTS intern research project: Access to and use of public sector information: The academic reuser perspective
    1. Background
    2. Process
    3. Findings and recommendations
  8. Appendix C – Definitions

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