Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Research for the Real World

Greetings from the Australian National University where Dr Fatih M. Porikli is talking about his work on Computer Vision at MERL Research.

Dr Porikli explained that 40% of the work is on basic research, the rest on on to apply this to real world application. He emphasized that researchers need to con sider if a proposed project is worthwhile (Heilmeier's Questions). He pointed out this may seem obvious but is often forgotten.

Dr. Porikli  discussed trends in computer vision, with what was previously science fiction now becoming a reality. But he did not discuss the details of his own research, due to the general audience.

You can see a video by Dr. Porikli and he also has a number of patents. (the latest patent is for "Method for tracking tumors in bi-plane images"). He is currently working on radio therapy systems and UAVs.

Dr. Porikli's comments on how to link research to products are particularly relevant, given the Australian government's announcement this week of $500M for Industry Innovation Precincts.

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