Friday, November 25, 2011

NSW Government ICT Strategic Framework

A NSW Government ICT Strategic Framework DRAFT for consultation was released 24 November 2011. Comments have been invited on-line in the NSW Have Your Say Forum.

The NSW Government describe their strategic framework as "A new approach", but do not detail what the previous approach was, or how success it was. The new approach has as its first core principle "Senior leadership", but it is not clear if the NSW Government has senior leaders with the needed ICT skills and experience. It would be useful for the NSW Government to do an audit to see how many senior executives they have qualified at SFIA Level 7, with skills to set strategy, inspire, mobilise. and how many at ICT professionals at Level 5 :"ensure, advise" on the strategy and plans.
DRAFT for consultation
NSW Government ICT Strategic Framework

Introduction 1
Why do we need a whole of government approach? 3
Strategic Framework 4
Outcomes – better services, better value 4
Key service capabilities 5
Enablers to improve performance 6
Key milestones 7

Key service capabilities 8
Better information sharing 8
Providing services anytime anywhere 9
Community and industry collaboration 10
Citizen-focused services 10
Financial and performance management

Enablers to improve performance 12
Common standards 12
Better sourcing 13
Emerging Solutions 14
People 15
Investment and productivity 16

Governance 18
Implementation Plans 19
Ongoing engagement 20

A new approach
The vision for NSW Government ICT is:

The NSW Government will be a leader in the use of ICT to transform government service delivery, make it easier to do business with Government, and build sustainable public sector productivity to the benefit of the entire State.

The vision will be achieved through this new approach, which is based on a number of core principles:
  • Senior leadership – the new approach is led by the most senior levels of government to ensure the mandate and authority to affect change. The NSW Government has established a new ICT Board, of Directors General of key Departments, to drive and be accountable for a whole of government approach to ICT.
  • Strategic industry engagement – we will engage with the ICT industry and research sector throughout strategy development and implementation to ensure that emerging technologies and opportunities are aligned with government service priorities. The NSW Government has established a new ICT Advisory Panel of industry leaders from the private sector and research community to be an independent source of advice to the ICT Board.
  • A focus on service delivery – at the centre of the new approach is a whole of government focus on improving our capability in key ICT-enabled service delivery areas. Collaborative industry and government Working Groups will be established to identify and prioritise the actions required to improve performance.
  • A portfolio management approach – a new portfolio management approach to ICT in New South Wales will reduce duplication, improve the productivity of government operations, and ensure efficient and effective investment in ICT. Improving the efficiency of the NSW Government’s investment in ICT will allow for savings to be reinvested in improved services across government.
Working Groups will be established to report back by March 2012 on detailed Implementation Plans for improving performance in the key ICT-enabled service delivery capabilities identified in this Strategic Framework. The Working Groups will comprise expertise from across government, industry and the research sector.

Bringing expertise together from across government will support the development of common approaches and shared solutions to the Government’s service delivery challenges. The Working Groups will provide a forum for sharing expertise, experience and best practice across Departments. ...


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