Thursday, November 17, 2011

Google Scholar Citations

I now have a Google Scholar Citations Profile for Tom Worthington. About a year ago, one of the tertiary institutions I teach at was applying for accreditation, so I had to submit a CV with a list of publication and citation counts. The "Web of Knowledge"showed I had only one paper. Google is working on its own measure of on-line scholarly impact, with "Google Scholar Citations". I signed up for this and was asked to fill in my university affiliation and provide a university email address.

Then I was shown a list of web pages with my name on them and asked to indicate which were articles by me. The articles were in five groups. There was no indication of what these groups represented.

One of the "articles" was the entire IFIP Digital Library (which I set up initially). That has tens of thousands of papers in it, which would have boosted my article count, I had have left it. ;-)

I then selected the recommended option where Google will automatically add new articles it finds, based on those I selected. It will be interesting to see what happens.

On problem was that Google's message to verify my email address ended up in the Spam filter.

The system showed my "profile" with Citation indices:

AllSince 2006

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