Saturday, November 19, 2011

Most important Innovation in Government

Some points from the first small group discussion at GovCampNSW:
  1. Dialogue with government: citizens deliberative democracy, not adversarial politics and focus groups
  2. Breaking Down Silos in Government: Not having parts of government repeat the same things over and over separately.
  3. Embed Change in Public Service: Whatever Gov 2.0 initiatives are proposed have to be resourced so that they will work in the long term, with public servants trained how to do it (this was my suggestion). One way would be with innovation training, as done with the Innovation ACT program. Some of the techniques used at ANU to train critical thinking to international students could be used to train public servants.
  4. Outsource the NSW Government: One suggestion was to implement innovations via outsourcing as it was easier to overcome internal organizational inertia that way. But what worried me about this was the logical conclusion was outsourcing the entire government, or at least the important bits.

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