Sunday, November 06, 2011

Green IT Foundations Practice exam

ProcessSymphony offer a free Green IT Foundations Practice examination. As the syllabus covered is similar to that for my ICT Sustainability course I took the test. Forty questions are selected at random by the system automatically (the same Moodle system, as I use for teaching). There was one hour allowed for the test, but it only took 12 minutes to do. I got seven questions wrong, giving a score of 83%. A couple of the answers where I was marked down I don't agree with and some of the grammar in the questions could be improved ("equipment", not "equipments" and "elements" not "element"), but overall this is a useful test for review purposes.

Questions I got wrong were on embodied emissions (forgetting to include energy required for disposal of the equipment) about the RACI Matrix, the Electronic Tool for Accountable Supply chain (E TASC). Some I disagreed with were use of the term "Green IT champion" (I think "champion" should only be used in a sporting organization). Also linking the green IT policy to the Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO) strategy seems stretching the point a little.

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