Monday, September 20, 2010

World Computer Congress Hot Topics

Even a simplified version of the World Computer Congress 2010 program is large. So I have picked out the topics and speakers which got my attention:
RoomTimeMore DetailsStreamTopic
M71100 - 1130ViewGovern ITNarrowing the Gap between Open Standards Policy and Practice: The Dutch e-Government Experience Rutger Lammers NETHERLANDS Authors: R. Lammers, E. Folmer & M. Ehrenhard
M91110 - 1230ViewSustain ITKeynote An Introduction to the Relationship between ICT and Sustainable Development Lorenz Hilty SWITZERLAND
P31200 - 1230ViewLearn ITE-learning readiness toolkit Mike Collett, Jenny Hunt UNITED KINGDOM, Phil Candy AUSTRALIA
P21330 - 1400ViewValue ITAustralian Council of Deans of ICT
P31330 - 1400ViewLearn ITSchool 2.0: Where We're Headed, Why, and What We Can Do About It Steve Hargadon CANADA
M71330 - 1430ViewGovern ITInvited speaker: Access and reuse of public sector information (PSI) in an era of Gov 2.0 Brian Fitzgerald AUSTRALIA
M91330 - 1350ViewSustain ITICT and the environment in developing countries: a review of opportunities and developments John W Houghton AUSTRALIA Authors: J. W. Houghton
PTR1400 - 1430ViewYoung ITOne laptop per child program Rangan Srikhanta AUSTRALIA
P11400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITJoomla - The Paradox of Commercially Viable Free Open Source Software Andrew Eddie AUSTRALIA
P31400 - 1430ViewLearn ITWeb 2.0 meets lesson plans: sharing good eTeaching ideas James Dalziel AUSTRALIA
M91410 - 1430ViewSustain ITManaging Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Processes - Implementing Energy Performance in Production Information Technology Systems Katharina Bunse SWITZERLAND Authors: K. Bunse & M. Vodicka
P31430 - 1500ViewLearn ITSuccess factors in online teaching Simon Brown AUSTRALIA
M91450 - 1700ViewSustain ITDebate
P31500 - 1715ViewLearn ITDigitalised textbook model as a convergence e-book and e-learning Yong-Sang Cho KOREA
P21600 - 1715ViewValue ITAustralian Council of Deans of ICT
P41600 - 1615ViewValue ITDeveloping a user-centered mobile service interface based on a cognitive model of attention allocation Julia Niemann AUSTRALIA Authors: J. Niemann, V. Presse, J. Reissland & A. Naumann
M31600 - 1620ViewLearn ITAll I need to know about Twitter in Education I learned in Kindergarten Steve Wheeler UNITED KINGDOM Authors: W. Reinhardt, S. Wheeler & M. Ebner
M71600 - 1630ViewGovern ITExamining the role of the culture of local government on adoption and use of e-government services Nurdin Nurdin AUSTRALIA Authors: N. Nurdin, R. Stockdale & H. Scheepers
M91600 - 1620ViewSustain ITIT Support for Sustainable Development in Organizations Andreas Moeller GERMANY Authors: A. Moeller & A. Rolf
M31620 - 1640ViewLearn ITGetting granular on Twitter - tweets from a conference and their limited usefulness for non-participants Steve Wheeler UNITED KINGDOM Authors: M. Ebner, H. Mühlburger, S. Schaffert, M. Schiefner & W. Reinhardt
M91620 - 1640ViewSustain ITUtilising the Internet to improve peasant artisan incomes: Evidence from Mexico John Dobson CANADA Authors: J. Dobson, R. Duncombe & Brian Nicholson
P31630 - 1715ViewLearn ITVision of the Future: Where will eLearning be in 2020? Carol Skyring AUSTRALIA
M71630 - 1715ViewGovern ITDiffusing Ubuntu into e-Government: A South African Perspective Hossana Twinomurinzi SOUTH AFRICA Authors: H. Twinomurinzi, J. Phahlamohlaka & E. Byrne

Day 2 - Tuesday 21st September

RoomTimeMore DetailsStreamTopic
GH1 & 2900 - 1000View
ICT? Congress plenary keynote Session chair: Nick Tate Nicholas Carr Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth
GH1 & 21030 - 1115View
Keynote: Computers for Schoolchildren: A Busted Flush? Sir John Daniel CANADA
M51030 - 1050ViewTrust ITCivil society must publish standards documents Roger Clarke AUSTRALIA Authors: R. Clarke
M31120 - 1150ViewLearn ITUse of ICT to Assist Students with Learning Difficulties: An Actor-Network Analysis Tas Adam AUSTRALIA Authors: T. Adam & A. Tatnall
P31330 - 1400ViewLearn ITImplementation of the Digital Education Revolution Evan Arthur AUSTRALIA
P31400 - 1430ViewLearn ITThe VCE IT Curriculum and the importance of IT in the National Curriculum Adrian Janson AUSTRALIA
M31450 - 1510ViewLearn ITIP3 - Progress towards a Global ICT Profession Roger Johnson UNITED KINGDOM Authors: R. G. Johnson

Day 3 - Wednesday 22nd September

RoomTimeMore DetailsStreamTopic
GH1 & 2900 - 1000View
Congress plenary keynote Session chair: Nick Tate John Suffolk UNITED KINGDOM Shifting the paradigm of Government ICT. How do you maximise the reality behind technology such as Cloud computing yet still retain the balance between localism and
PTR1030 - 1100View
IP3 - International Professional Practice Partnership. Transforming Professional Practice. Who are we? What are we doing? What next? Greg Lane Roger Hart Moira de Roche
P11100 - 1130ViewDeliver ITNetwork of the Future - AustraliaÂ’s NBN - an International Comparison of Approach Reg Coutts AUSTRALIA
PTR1115 - 1130View
Panel discussion (Webinar): IT Professional Certification - what does Industry want & why Panel chair: Stephen Ibaraki Panellists: Graham Jones Jeff Kempiners Alex YQ Lin Tan Moorthy John Oxley Graham Watson Joanne Wong
P21130 - 1200ViewGovern ITSuccess or Failure Relies on Innovative Governance and Change Management: A case study on the largest logistics and supply chain ERP roll-out in Australia this year Peter Lambert AUSTRALIA
M91130 - 1200ViewPlay ITEmotional Expression of Korean Dance Assisted by a Virtual Environment System Jong Il Park KOREA Authors: T. Uhm, H. Park, M. Lee, U. Kim & J. Park
F11200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITC3TO: a scalable architecture for mobile tutoring over cell phones Reinhardt Botha SOUTH AFRICA Authors: L. Butgereit & R. A. Botha
PTR1330 - 1400View
Global perspectives on ICT Professionalism Don Robertson & Niko Schlamberger
P21330 - 1400ViewGovern ITNBN: The future Sen Stephen Conroy AUSTRALIA
M31330 - 1350ViewLearn ITWorking with wikis: Collaborative writing in the 21st century Katina Zammit AUSTRALIA Authors: K. Zammit
M91330 - 1400ViewPlay ITCultural computing - how to investigate a form of unconscious user experience in mixed realities Matthias Rauterberg THE NETHERLANDS Authors: M. Rauterberg, J. Hu & G. Langereis
M31350 - 1410ViewLearn ITAre Wikis and Weblogs an appropriate approach to foster collaboration, reflection and students' motivation? Christian Schmidt GERMANY Authors: M. Krebs, C. Schmidt, M. Henninger, M. Ludwig & W. Müller
P21400 - 1430ViewGovern ITRegional Industry Leaders Forum: Growing our next generation of technology greats Moderator: Caroline New Panellists: Sen Stephen Conroy Paul Raymond Henderson YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam Shri Sachin Pilot SV Raghavan
M71400 - 1430ViewGovern ITPanel: Moderator: John Weckert Ethics of computing: insights into today's key issues
PTR1500 - 1600View
Brisbane Declaration - pathways to more inclusive IP3 Greg Lane & IP3 Team Members
P21600 - 1630ViewGovern ITAchieving value from ICT: How Tasmania is leading technology incubation in Australia Premier David Bartlett AUSTRALIA
F11600 - 1630ViewDeliver ITAchieving value from ICT: How Tasmania is leading technology incubation in Australia Premier David Bartlett AUSTRALIA
M31620 - 1640ViewLearn ITeExaminations development and acceptance Andrew Fluck AUSTRALIA Authors: A. E. Fluck
GH1 & 21900 -View
Congress dinner - Plaza Ballroom (Awards and 50 year IFIP celebrations) + PEARCEY awards

Day 4 - Thursday 23rd September

RoomTimeMore DetailsStreamTopic
GH1 & 2900 - 1000View
Congress plenary keynote Session chair: Nick Tate SV Raghavan INDIA National Knowledge Network of India: An Instrument of Social Change
PTR1100 - 1130ViewSustain ITBuildings come clean: itÂ’s time to see the data! Craig Roussac AUSTRALIA
PTR1200 - 1230ViewSustain ITTeaching sustainable ICT competencies with tablet computers: my first year's experience setting the global standard for green ICT professional education Tom Worthington AUSTRALIA
PTR1330 - 1400ViewSustain ITSustainable IT and data centres at Telstra - driving change for economical and ecological benefit Jon Curry AUSTRALIA
P11330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITThe Agile Revolution: A cultural and critical challenge for ITC Rob Thomsett AUSTRALIA
M31350 - 1410ViewLearn ITBeyond A teacher's perspective of interacting with long-term absent students through digital communications technologies Anthony Jones AUSTRALIA Authors: A. Jones & K. Wilkie
PTR1430 - 1500ViewSustain ITGreen IT - A Framework and Benchmarking Approach Graeme Philipson AUSTRALIA
M31500 - 1510ViewLearn ITMobile Learning: Using SMS in Educational Contexts Adelina Moura PORTUGAL Authors: A. Moura & A. A. Carvalho
PTR1730 - 1800ViewSustain ITACS EdXN sponsored by NICTA - Registration
PTR1800 - 2030ViewSustain ITFree software in ethics and in practise Richard Stallman

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