Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Green ICT for the ACT Government

Caroline Le Couteur MLA, sent me copy of her question on green ICT to the Legislative Assembly for the ACT:



Caroline Le Couteur: I give notice that I shall move – That:

  1. This assembly notes that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is:

    1. a major enabler of Government function;

    2. a major employer in the ACT;

    3. a significant user of power; and

    4. a significant generator of waste.

  1. and also notes that the ACT Government:

    1. Does not know the whole of government ICT energy use for the ACT;

    2. Has not yet developed an ICT sustainability plan;

    3. Does not make supporting information available on the web as soon as the relevant consultation is notified in the newspaper, retaining it in a publicly available form, or making it available in the most useful format; and

    4. Has not committed to making information available in a timely and effective manner using it current ICT infrastructure.

  1. Calls on the ACT Government to:

    1. Commit to measuring its ICT environmental impact;

    2. Expedite the ICT sustainability plan, including consideration of life cycle impacts of ICT;

    3. Commit to considering all the actions in the Australian Government’s ICT ‘Quick Wins’ paper;

    4. Commit to making data available on relevant Government websites as soon as it is advertised in the media and to ensuring that information is in all appropriate formats and retained while useful to the community; and

    5. Develop a policy to encourage appropriate telecommuting and teleconferencing; and

    6. Report back to the Assembly on these issues by 30 March 2011.

Caroline Le Couteur

21 September 2010

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