Monday, September 06, 2010

National Broadband Workshop at WCC2010

Apart from several specialist conferences at World Computer Congress (I am presenting in the "Sustain IT" one Green ICT) there are some Tutorials and workshops. One which got my attention is "Broadband Ready: How to engage communities in National Broadband Initiatives" by Mark Keough of M2 Consulting. Australia is now leading the world technically, with its National Broadband Network. But perhaps there are some things we can learn about engagement from other countries. Australian-born, Professor Catherine Middleton, researches broadband policy funded by the Canadian government. She has written several comparisons of Canadian, Australian and other national broadband policies.

Here is a list of the other workshop topics at WCC2010:

  1. Patents - Protecting Your Ideas & Sharing Knowledge: delivered by the European Patent Office, Munich, Germany
    Protecting original ideas and inventions has become essential in today's knowledge-based economy. Large corporations, small businesses and start-ups use patents to ensure their innovations cannot be copied and to defend their competitive edge.
  2. CobiT: delivered by Kevin Mar Fan & Mario Bojilov, ISACA
    Since its inception in 1996, CobiT (Control Objectives related to Information Technology) has been recognised as a global best practice framework in the governance of Information & Communications Technology (ICT).
  3. ISO 38500: Governance of Information Technology: delivered by Mark Toomey, Infonomics
    Governance of Information Technology is an increasingly important issue for business leaders and IT professionals alike, as IT becomes more critical to current business operations and future business performance.
  4. PlayIT – Four Hands-on Workshops on Games
    Games & Games Design – facilitated by Morgan Jaffit
    Games & Writing – facilitated by Milenko Tunjic
    Games & Art – facilitated by Andrew Curnock
    Games & Audio – facilitated by Leanne Taylor

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