Thursday, September 30, 2010

ICT's Role in the Low Carbon Economy

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has released "ICT’s Role in the Low Carbon Economy" (29 September 2010). Available online are a media release and the full White Paper (3Mbytes, PDF). The white paper is a compendium of available information edited by Graeme Philipson. It includes 117 references, many with hypertext links to online documents, providing a valuable resource for students and others interested in green ICT.

Executive Summary – Why this Paper is Needed 1
Background 3
Green ICT 9
Energy Production and Distribution 15
Transport and Logistics 19
Building Systems 23
Industrial Processes 27
Health 29
Education 33
Appendix 1: The Smart 2020 Report Summary 38
Appendix 2: The OECD Recommendations 41
Appendix 3: Executive Summary of Access Economics Report 43
Appendix 4: Executive Summary of the ACS Report 48
Appendix 5: IDC Report (Australian Chapter) 52
Appendix 6: Australian Government ICT Sustainability Report 2010 – 2015 57
References 60

Executive Summary

... This paper shows the ways in which ICT can improve Australia’s infrastructure, lower Australia’s carbon emissions and increase Australia’s energy efficiency. The technology exists, here and now. The other necessary ingredients are political will and appropriate economic initiatives – which can in many cases be facilitated by appropriate government policy.

... government needs a credible story to tell that assimilates all of the environmental and social benefits of transitioning to a low-carbon economy. It requires a robust policy framework that will enable the inevitable evolution of a climate change policy that is acceptable both locally and internationally and is effective in addressing immediate action when needed. Sustainable ICT thinking and solutions will provide effective tactical interim measures and lead to long-term solutions in the area of climate change policy. ...

From: White Paper ICT’s Role in the Low Carbon Economy, Graeme Philipson, AIIA, 29 September 2010

ICT Education

ICT education is mentioned in the report, but somehow the authors overlooked the Green Technology Strategies course commissioned from me by the Australian Computer Society. This has been running since February 2009 and is now offered as part of the ACS' International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3) global professional accreditation (and by the Australian National University as COMP7310).

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