Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Evaluating the Carbon-Reducing Impacts of ICT

The Global e-Sustainability Initiative has issued a ICT CO2 Assessment Methodology to estimate the CO2 emissions and savings from computers and telecommunications. Available are: Press Release, Evaluating the Carbon-Reducing Impacts of ICT (Full Report), Data Work Sheet and a Video. Also you can Submit a Case Study.
This report contributes to realizing ICT’s promise through providing a practical and consistent methodology and road map for assessing ICT’s low carbon enablement capacity. The ICT Enablement Methodology provides immediate guidance on the process of identifying and quantifying the CO2 effects of implementing an ICT solution. With its focus on simplifying assessment via a generally-applicable approach, diverse members of the ICT industry, businesses and policy makers should find this methodology a practical guide for approaching the assessment process.

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