Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Learning Management Systems for multi-disciplinary teaching

Srinivas ChemboliSrinivas Chemboli runs the Varietas Multidisciplinary Teaching Interest Group at the Australian National Unviersity in Canberra. This week's meeting is on learning management systems (LMSs) for multi-disciplinary teaching (all welcome):
The Varietas TiG will meet today at 11:30 at N329, CSIT Building [Bldg 108]

  • LMS needs for multi-disciplinary and disciplinary teaching/research/collaboration
    • What should a wish-list for a LMS comprise of?
    • Document creation/management tools
    • Focus on function and goals, not specific technologies
    • Communicate/discuss the proposed draft outline for group activities via LMS
    • Support for logically ordered communication
    • Calendaring/meeting-manager support
    • Support for blended/flexible learning
  • Set up a time-frame/agree upon an action-plan to draft the needs statements for an LMS
  • Assess existing LMS options in the context of the needs statements
  • Integrating cross-disciplinary strengths in teaching
  • The logistics of a cross-disciplinary group course

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