Thursday, October 09, 2008

Content Delivery Service for ABC

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is reorganising the way its website content is delivered and have issued a Request for Tender for Provision of a Content Delivery Service. There is a detailed tender document outlining the requirements of the system.

There is provision for disaster recovery and reliability of the system, but there appears no mention for the need for the system to operate during natural disasters and other emergencies. The ABC provides emergency communications to the public in these situations and therefore its content delivery service needs to be of to a higher standard of reliability than that of a pure entertainment service.

There has been some controversy over advertising on ABC mobile web sites. There is no mention of mobile web sites in the tender document. This may indicate that the ABC thinks no special provision for mobile is required, or they are going to provide that content via separate commercial web sites with advertising.
Category 43000000 - Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications ...

The ABC proposes to reorganise the way its website content is delivered to its audience and therefore is seeking to engage a Delivery Service provider such as a Content Distribution Network (CDN) or Similar Service to supply the required bandwidth, server capacity and performance. ...

From: Provision of a Content Delivery Service, ATM ID NS0761RFP, ABC, 8-Oct-2008

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