Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Public Sector Records Management

Public Sector Records Management (by Kelvin Smith, Ashgate November 7, 2007) provides a slightly old fashioned, but still useful, view of records management for government agencies.

The book only mentions the web on one page:
  1. on Page 117: "... Network maintenance Server maintenance Spatial data management Storage Strategy Web development ..."
The Internet on four pages:
  1. on Page 59: "... can make it easier for people to find the information resources they want on networks and systems such as the Internet or internal documentation systems. For example, using a keyword such as "jobs" typically fails to retrieve items described as `vacancies', ..."
  2. on Page 153: "... Open-source technology (software that can be downloaded from the Internet free of charge and used without a specific licence) gives users freedom to modify products to suit their changing needs. ..."
  3. on Page 164: "... Assembly business in clear language, in line with its bilingual policy and taking account of different needs. • Using the Internet as a means of publishing National Assembly information. ..."
  4. on Page 194: "... * relevant IT packages and systems cover word processing, spreadsheets, databases, e-mail, Internet. Flexibility 1 • Willing to accept changes to job content. • Adapts personal schedule to meet critical demands and to ..."
Other books on Records management:

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