Sunday, October 19, 2008

Open Notebook Science

Open Notebook Science is based on the idea of Open Source software and makes a scientist's results available online, without waiting for a formal paper to be published. The journal Nature has an item on this quoting two scientists who use it: Two researchers explain why they're posting their experimental results online (15 September 2008 , Nature, doi:10.1038/455273a). Apart from the legal, ethical and administrative issues, the scientists will need good online tools for recording their results. This will probably be something like a blog/wiki. Some argue that the semantic web applied to grid computing will tie this all together in a Semantic Grid. But this seems a nebulous concept, to which the apt term cloud computing might be applied. ;-)

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Jean-Claude Bradley said...

Yup - we use blogs and wikis for ONS. I use Wikispaces for the actual lab notebook with a blog to write summaries. Cameron uses modified blogging software.