Sunday, October 19, 2008

Global Open and Green Digital Economy

In "Evolution of Digital Economy & Implications for Government Policy"
By Katsuhiko KAJI (Director, the Information Policy Division, Commerce & Information Policy Bureau, METI) argues for a Global Open and Green Digital Economy policy for Japan.Global: Mobile phones in Japan are an example of where high technology industry is focused on the domestic, rather than global market.
  1. Open: Collaboration, including on open source is needed. An example given is the Japan Automotive Software Platform ARchitecture (JasPar).
  2. Green: Energy use needs to be reduced. Katsuhiko KAJI estimates this at 3% for IT globally, which is twice the estimate for Australia at 1.52%. As well as reducing the energy consumed by IT it is argued IT can be used to reduce waste and energy use in systems such as lighting. As an example the

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