Thursday, August 14, 2008

University Accommodation from Shipping Containers

TempoHousing two bedroom two container homeAccording to an ABC News report " ANU considers shipping in accommodation", the ANU is considering student accommodation made from converted shipping containers. The best known shipping container housing is the Dutch Keetwonen project. But there are a other Modular Low Cost Housing options, which can produce a very liveable building quickly, without using shipping containers.
... The university is considering the idea to help address Canberra's student accommodation crisis.

The containers have balconies with room for a kitchen, bathroom and double bed.

ANU Student Association president Jamila Rizvi says the containers are cheap to build and only take about two months to put together.

She says they will appeal to students.

"They are probably on the outside not as attractive as what we've got at the moment but certainly on the inside they are twice as good as anything being offered at the ANU at the moment," she said. ...

From: ANU considers shipping in accommodation, By Penny McLintock, ABC News, 14 August 2008
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Unknown said...

Awesome idea, I love the whole concept of used shipping containers as housing, they are so structurally sound and easy and economical to build with, solve a growing problem of disposing with them from ports once finished with and the possibilities are endless.
Congratulations on a great blog.