Friday, August 22, 2008

TiVo games medal tally

I wondered why Channel Seven introduced TiVo to Australia and how it sees this competing with cable TV. Perhaps one reason popped up on the box during the Olympics. One day there was an extra option on the TiVo Central menu: "Beijing Medal Tally". This provided a simple table showing Gold, Silver, Bronze and total medals. This seems to be a custom "Showcase" where TiVo provides extra content via the Internet.

Curiously, given Channels 7's investment in TiVo and the Olympics, they do not seem to have made much of it. I had assumed that the medal tally page would be the first of many Olympic extras which would tie into 7's free to air coverage and web site. But that one screen is all there was and no more Showcases have been provided. Perhaps there was a technical hitch or they discovered they not have the rights to provide Olympic content via TiVo.

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