Friday, August 01, 2008

Automated Number Plate Recognition technology

Crimtrac have issued a Request for Information for Automated Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR) so that the number plates of vehicles could be computer read in images across Australia. Apart from the technical feasibility they are looking at the cost, benefit, legislation needed and privacy issues. The privacy issues of this technology were a main topic of the "You are where you've been", seminar at UNSW 23 July 2008.
ATM ID CrimTrac ANPR 2008/4
Agency Crimtrac
Category 43230000 - Software ...
Publish Date 31-Jul-2008 ...


CrimTrac is an Executive Agency within the Commonwealth Government in the Attorney General’s Portfolio. The agency was established on 1 July 2000, with the aim to „enhance Australian law enforcement with an emphasis on information-based policing facilitated through rapid access to detailed, current and accurate police information.

CrimTrac is currently undertaking a scoping study to develop a report on the strategic national implementation of an Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). The ANPR scoping study aims to fully explore the feasibility of the national deployment of ANPR technology and will canvass aspects such as cost / benefit analysis, legislative and policy frameworks, examination of current and required infrastructure, privacy issues and technical options for the implementation of a national infrastructure model. The scoping study represents an exciting opportunity for Australian law enforcement and road transport departments. This Request for Information (RFI) represents the initial engagement with ANPR technology providers to assist the project team assess industry capability and to move towards procurement steps aiming to establish a panel of providers. ...

From: Automated Number Plate Recognition technology, CrimTrac ANPR 2008/4, 31-Jul-2008

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