Thursday, May 23, 2013

Making the best of poor user queries

Award winning web search engine developer, David Hawking, will speak on "Making the best of poor user queries" at CSIRO's ANU seminar room in Canberra, 4pm 27 May 2013.

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David Hawking (Funnelback)

Making the best of poor user queries

A common cause of user disappointment with search arises from difficulty in posing an effective query. Choosing a good query is particularly critical behind the firewall where SEO is virtually non-existent and where many useful ranking features are typically missing.
Over the decades, many techniques have been developed which can assist, either in guiding users to choose better queries or in improving the queries which are submitted: Query suggestion, query completion, query correction, query substitution, query expansion, query shortening, query segmentation, query translation and query blending.
In this talk I will review the state of the art in automatic query guidance and query improvement methods which are most useful in the context of enterprise search and demonstrate their operation.
CSIRO seminar room, 4-5

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