Thursday, May 30, 2013

Learning to Teach Using e-Learning for Early Career Academics

I will be speaking on "Learning to Teach Using e-Learning for Early Career Academics", at the ANU Annual NECTAR Retreat, 5 June 2013, in Canberra. I would welcome comments, suggestions and corrections on the notes and slides (使用e-学习的早期职业学者学习教).
Early Career Academics (ECA) are under increasing pressure to teach, as well as research. While PHD graduates have extensive experience of the university system, most have no formal education or training in how to teach. Some formal training in how to design and deliver courses would greatly reduce the frustration new academics, and their students, feel. ECAs would benefit from the discipline which comes from designing courses for pure on-line delivery, even if a face-to-face component is used later. This is illustrated in my experience of designing an award winning course in ICT Sustainability, which is now offered by universities in Australia and North America. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have recently come to prominence. Some of the techniques of these can be combined with conventional teaching for easy adoption by ECAs, using synchronized asynchronous e-learning with a linear syllabus, or for short: "MOOCs with Books".

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