Sunday, November 07, 2010

Foundation Certification In Green IT

Plus GreenIT are are running the BCS/ISEB Foundation Certification In Green IT in most Australian state capitals monthly. This is an 18 hour classroom course run over three days, followed by a one hour examination. Available is the 10 page Syllabus, Reading List and the book "Green IT for Sustainable Business Practice: An ISEB Foundation Guide" by Mark O'Neill, April 2010.

The next course is 10 November in Sydney, then 17th in Melbourne, 24th Brisbane, December 1st Canberra and 8th Perth. They then start again in February 2011 with Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney.

It should be noted that the BCS/ISEB course is aimed at IT service providers. It has a more limited scope and is much shorter than tertiary courses, such as the 12 week (about 120 hours) "Green Technology Strategies" I run for ACS and ANU.

It should also be noted that neither the BCS/ISEB course, nor my Green ICT one are sufficient for an Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate. This requirse the equivalent of six months of full time study (about 480 hours). That is about 20 times as much as the BCS/ISEB course. It is four times as much as my Green ICT course. Students of my course need to do three other courses for an ANU Graduate Certificate, or to become an IP3 Accredited, ACS Certified Professional.

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