Friday, November 26, 2010

Electronic Records Management Needed for ABC Pool

Greetings from Parliament House in Canberra, where the seminar "Using Creative Commons in the Public Sector" is on. Sherre DeLys, Founder/Executive Producer, ABC Pool, just mentioned they have run out of storage. She said that they will now need to work out how to remove duplicated data and how to delete what was no longer needed. The ABC 2004-2007 Corporate Plan had the target to "Establish and implement a Corporation-wide records management system that meets legislative requirements.". The ABC 2007 Annual Report stated that this had been achieved. Pool may not be able to use the same corporate system, but should be able to obtain advice from the records management professionals in the ABC and use similar techniques and standards. Or they could enrol in my course in January 2011, at ANU: COMP7420: Electronic Data Management. ;-)

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