Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Governance of Defence Logistics Systems Development

Peter Lambert, Head of Human Resources and Corporate Services for the Defence Materiel OrganisationPeter Lambert, Head of Human Resources and Corporate Services for the Defence Materiel Organisation will talk on "Governance and Change Management" for the Defence Department's new Logistics system at the Australian Computer Society in Canberra this evening. I do not envy his job: when working for the Defence Department I had to sit down between the project staff of the logistics and finance systems to help work out how the two systems could be interfaced.

Success or Failure Relies On Innovative
Governance and Change Management

A Case Study on the Largest Logistics and Supply Chain ERP Roll-Out in Australia this year In July this year, the Defence will roll out the largest Logistics and Supply Chain ERP in Australia, based on Queensland Company Mincom’s Ellipse product. The solution supports over 9,000 users across 160 sites around Australia and overseas. The Military Integrated Logistics Information System, or MILIS, manages billions of dollars worth of thousands of significant and complex equipments, millions of related inventory items and varied supply chains originating from Australian and overseas suppliers and extending through multiple warehouses to units and systems around the world, including in Afghanistan. Innovative governance and change management approaches have been a critical contributor to the success (or failure - since we don’t know yet) of the rollout.

Peter Lambert is the Head of Human Resources and Corporate Services in the Defence Materiel Organisation. His responsibilities include workforce and HR management, ministerial and corporate communications, support to operations, external agreements and performance reporting, corporate governance, security and risk, business process improvement, information management and business systems. He is also responsible for the sustainment of Defence’s logistics system and the delivery of the major upgrades to this system. ..."

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