Monday, August 02, 2010

Policies for higher education online

The Australian Computer Society has developed a set of postgraduate training courses in its Computer Professional Education Program. Part of this is course development (I designed the Green ICT course) but there is also the policies and procedures needed for running an education institution.

In this case the institution is virtual, having no campus, classrooms or offices (but an advanced e-learning system) and no full time staff (administrative staff are in ACS offices and teaching staff are distributed around the world). A set of ACS Education Policies and Regulations has been developed, broadly based on what is done at other Australian educational institutions. These might be of interest to others:
  1. Academic Appeals Policy
  2. Academic Credit RPL and Transfer Policy
  3. Academic Misconduct Policy
  4. Development and Review of Learning Policy
  5. Grievance Policy
  6. Refund of Fees Policy
  7. Student Assessment Policy
  8. Regulations

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