Saturday, August 14, 2010

Google Blogger Spam Detector

One problem with allowing comments on my Blog "Net Traveller" is Spam. About one half of the comments posted to the blog are not real comments, they are automated messages designed to promote a product. Typically these have a couple of sentences saying how useful my blog is and then a link to a nasty product, such as where students can purchase assignments. I moderate all comments to the blog, but it can be hard to catch all of this Spam. The new Google Blogger Spam Detector is intended to help with this.

However, seeing the new Blogger comments interface for the first time is a little confronting. The Google system listed all 575 comments posted to my blog since it was started. I thought I had to go through all these and mark which were spam. But it turns out these are those Google thinks are legitimate. There is a separate tab for those thought to be Spam (none in my blog) and another tab for those awaiting moderation.

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