Friday, April 11, 2008

Relocatable Buildings for Affordable housing

Relocatable Building from OutdoordirectThere are now many options for Modular Low Cost Housing available, . One recent Australian one I noticed are Relocatable Buildings from Outdoor Direct. These are made from shipping container sized modules. They have homes built with between one and four TFEs. An innovation with this system is to add a roof over the modules. This has several advantages:
  1. Rain proofing: modular building have a tendency to leak at the joins. Adding a roof over all the modules removes the need for the joins between them to be water proof.
  2. Extra space: The roof can span a space between the modules creating a useful outdoor living space. This can double the usable size of the building. It can also counter the cramped effect of the narrow shipping container sized modules.
  3. Visual unity: Modular buildings can end up looking like a pile of boxes instead of a home. The one roof over the units visually joins them together. With a pitched roof, this can make the structure look like a traditional building, or a flat roof for a modern effect.
These might be used for ingenious classrooms and housing.

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Outdoor Direct said...

Hi Tom,
I’m pleased to see you like our new range of Relocatable Buildings, the Affordable Housing range has had wide spread interest from people who want a granny flat to mining companies wanting large scale camps.
If we can supply you with any more information please email me