Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Submissions to the Australia 2020 Summit on Open

Senator Lundy and myself have made a submission to the Australia 2020 Summit on open source based on the material contributed by the open 2020 Summit participants. Several of the participants also made individual submissions. If you have one, please send me a copy so it can be included on the Open 2020 web site. In addition, submissions can be made to the Review of the National Innovation System, with a deadline of 30 April 2008.

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walteradamson said...

The Summit is positive but the talk about futures using new media and internet and social networks etc is so hollow since are not even using any interactive services which are available to make this a sharing event.

For example many speakers are offering views of a future internet and community-sharing world. Can we start now with currently available technology?

Please Twitter the Summit at as we'd love to have it interactive for those of us not there, imagine getting live thoughts along with the live broadcast. You can change this into an interactive event.

For the best Windows client try Witty or better Thwirl

For mobile web: on your mobile browser or a client is TinyTwitter:

For real time scans a search engine for Twitter posts, can do your searches automatically and email them to you.