Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Open Source Software Development Kit for ASUS EEE PC

ASUS have released an open source Software Development Kit (SDK) for the ASUS EEE PC . This is on Sourceforge with a GNU General Public License. There are also drivers and the like on the ASUS EEE PC web site:

ASUS ... today announced the release of a comprehensive software developer´s kit (SDK) for the Asus Eee PC. The new SDK enables third-party developers to easily enhance and extend the popular, mobile, open source platform for educational, telecommunications, and many other uses. The Eee PC SDK provides a complete development platform, including an Eee PC-compatible Open Circulation Edition of the Xandros Desktop OS, the Eclipse development environment, a Qt4 toolkit, a developer´s guide, sample applications, and a multilingual VMware testing and debugging environment.

“We have experienced an overwhelming developer response to Eee PC, with thousands of source code downloads since we posted it on our site. Now, thanks to our new SDK, third-party developers and enthusiasts from the open source community will find it easy to develop, easy to port, and easy to release software for the Eee PC,” said David Wu, General Manager of ASUS Global Service Center. ...

From: ASUS Releases Development Platform for Eee PC, Press Release, ASUS, March 31, 2008

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John Wei said...

Hi Tom,

Is providing people an open source software development kit anything more than a cheap way of encouraging software developers to create applications for a specific operating system -- that is a smart way of getting others to create something useful for your hardware?