Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Geoscience Australia has issued a Request for Tender for Windows and Linux Servers. They are going to use virtualization to rationalize their server hardware. However, the ability to monitor power use and have power reduction features does not seem to be mentioned:
8.4 Technical Specifications
8.4.1 Geoscience Australia is seeking to establish a contract for the supply of a range of business capable servers. The following details the specifications required of the servers:

8.4.2 Capable of operating the following operating systems as a minimum

a) Windows 2000 server
b) Windows 2003 server both 32 and 64 bit
c) Windows 2008 server both 32 and 64 bit
d) Red Hat Linux enterprise
e) Capable of multiple core/multi processor operation
f) Have a three year warranty on all parts and labour
g) Minimum 4 hour (24*7) warranty and extendable for a fourth and fifth
h) Fit into a standard 900mm computer rack
i) Have redundant power supplies
j) Dual native 10/100/1000 Mb/sec NIC capability supporting PXE
k) Capable of Raid 0,1 and 5 as a minimum
l) Have an external scaleable disk solution
m) Capable of supporting a multiple range of HDD including SAS, SATA etc with choice of AMD or Intel CPU acceptable
n) A capability for the addition of external disk storage
o) Capable of SCSi attached tape storage
p) Have a DVD-ROM
q) Have the capability of either PS/2, USB or IP based KVM
r) Have an internal PCI (minimum) expansion capability, including the
ability to handle 3D graphics cards
s) Have redundant fans capable of cooling at the extreme operations of the
t) Be supported by a software management system than provides remote
hardware status and alerting, diagnostics and logging and firmware/BIOS
u) Must be capable of email fault alerting
v) Supports VMW are V3x virtualisation
w) Have a RAM expansion capability between 2Gb and 64Gb
x) Have a FSB of at least 1066Mhz
y) Be capable of Cache expansion greater than 6Mb
z) Be capable of supporting Fibre connectivity to 10Gb
aa) Be capable of provisioning monitoring, alerting and independent
actioning of environmental information
8.5 First Year Requirements

From: Request for Tender for the Provision of Computing Equipment to Support Geoscience Australia's Windows/Linux Server Environment, ATM ID RFT2008/1106, Geoscience Australia, 14-Apr-2008

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