Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Australian military research overview, Canberra, 1 May 2008

Patrick Hew will give an overview of planned Australian military research at the Australian National Unviersity in Canberra, 1 May 2008. In 1999 I suggested this research be contracted out to universities, but DSTO did not like the idea. Perhaps they have changed their minds. ;-)


Exploring the Future Force - Research at DSTO

Dr. Patrick Hew (DSTO)

DATE: 2008-05-01
TIME: 16:00:00 - 17:00:00
LOCATION: CSIT Seminar Room, N101

The Defence Science and Technology Organisation is part of the Department of Defence, and is the Australian Government's lead agency for applying science and technology to protect and defend Australia and its national interests. Over the over the next decade, Defence will spend around $100b on buying and maintaining military equipment. This invites research on where and how Australia should invest in people, equipment and systems, given strategic drivers, operational contexts, tactical concepts and the potential of future technology. This seminar will discuss samples of work underway in DSTO, to give a flavour for the questions being tackled, their motivation, and the approaches being taken. The focus will be on how these projects draw upon advanced S&T from engineering, computer science and related disciplines, and hence explore the potential for collaborative research between DSTO and ANU CECS.

Patrick Hew joined DSTO in 2000, having gained a PhD in Mathematics and Intelligent Information Processing Systems from The University of Western Australia.

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