Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Desktop EEE PC

Preview Gadgets and other computer news sites have images of what the ASUS E-DT is expected to look like. It is much as I speculated being essentially a desktop version of the EEE PC sub notebook computer, made by omitting the LCD screen, keyboard and battery. If these are available for about $300, they will be very useful.

The plain rectangular box appears to be about the size of the current EEE PC:
225 × 165 ×35 mm. It is shown mounted vertically on a circular stand. Hopefully the box can be laid down flat on the desk and is strong enough to stand an LCD display on. It is about the same size as the stand for a small LCD monitor and would fit neatly underneath.

There would be little point in making the E-DT any smaller, unless it was so small it could be attached to the back of an LCD, as with the ThinLix units. Also making the box smaller may be bad marketing, as the customer might not feel they were getting their money's worth.

Hopefully the E-DT has a security slot for securing it to the desk. This feature was omitted from the Zomb. desktop unit.

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