Monday, July 30, 2007

UK Government on Sustainable Energy Management and the Built Environment

The UK Government is sponsoring the Foresight programme . This previously looked at Intelligent Infrastructure Systems (including transport). A new part is looking at Sustainable Energy Management and the Built Environment, including a Mini Energy Project. The reports are available free on line:

Project Overview 864kb
This report sets out the key findings of the project, including the choices we are faced with and the possible consequences of developing IIS

The Scenarios - Towards 2055 1618kb
This report describes the four scenarios and related 'systems maps' that were developed to investigate how science and technology might be applied to infrastructure over the next 50 years.

Scenarios Toward 2055 – Perspective and Process 1788kb
A commentary on the scenarios covering environment, social, crime and economic perspectives and a description of the process used to develop the scenarios

Technology Forward Look - Towards a Cyber Urban Ecology 1128kb
This report reviews current road maps for the development and application of the technology, and considers what future technological capabilities might be possible or required

Next Steps 570kb
The Next Steps sets out how stakeholders from across and outside Government will respond to the findings of the project.

The place of social science in examining the future of transport 231kb
This paper explores the social and behavioural context of how transport shapes society and is, in turn, shaped by it.

Intelligent Charging: Smart Market Protocols for Road Transport 497kb
Applying agent-based modelling to investigate a possible congestion solving technology.

Port Traffic Modelling 163kb
A theoretical study which looks at an idealised redistribution of port traffic to investigate the potential impact on road freight.

Science Review Summaries Pack
Eighteen science reviews were commissioned for the project. Summaries are available now.


Social Factors in Travel
Social Factors SUMMARY 643kb / Social Factors FULL VERSION 1400kb

The Social Impacts of Intelligent Infrastructure on Transport
Social Impacts SUMMARY 33kb / Social Impacts FULL VERSION 644kb

The Psychology of Travel
Psychology of Travel SUMMARY 33kb / Psychology of Travel FULL VERSION 392kb

The Role of Information in Decision Making for Transport
Role of Information SUMMARY 33kb / Role of Information FULL VERSION 977kb

Public Perception of Risk
Public Perception SUMMARY 29kb / Public Perception FULL VERSION 297kb


Environmental Factors in Transport
Environmental Factors SUMMARY 33kb / Environmental Factors FULL VERSION 1035kb

Towards Sustainable Transport
Sustainable Transport SUMMARY 33kb / Sustainable Transport FULL VERSION 731kb

How to Design a Sustainable and Fair Built Environment
How to Design SUMMARY 34kb / How to Design FULL VERSION 1275kb


Tagging, Sensors and Data Collection
Tagging SUMMARY 33kb / Tagging FULL VERSION 1773kb

Users and Services in Intelligent Networks
Users and Services SUMMARY 34kb / Users and Services FULL VERSION 786kb

Intelligent Distribution and Logistics
Intelligent Distribution SUMMARY 33kb / Intelligent Distribution FULL VERSION 1188kb

Materials and Infrastructure
Materials and Infrastructure SUMMARY 29kb

Complexity and Emergent Behaviour in ICT Systems
Complexity SUMMARY 25kb / Complexity FULL VERSION 650kb


Artificial Intelligence in Transport
Artificial Intelligence SUMMARY 33kb / Artificial Intelligence FULL VERSION 1551kb

Delivering Information for Transport Management
Delivering Information SUMMARY 33kb / Delivering Information FULL VERSION 1172kb

Data Mining, Data Fusion and Information Management
Data Mining SUMMARY 33kb / Data Mining FULL VERSION 426kb

Policy and Economics:

Economics and the Future of Transport
Economics SUMMARY 32kb / Economics FULL VERSION 876kb

Policy Issues for Intelligent Infrastructure
Policy Issues SUMMARY 32kb / Policy Issues FULL VERSION1028kb

Adapted from: Intelligent Infrastructure Futures, Office of Science and Technology, UK Government, 2006

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