Thursday, July 12, 2007

China New Media Conference 2007: Money, Art and Governance

QUT Creative Industries PrecinctThese are some thoughts on the China New Media Conference in Brisbane last week. Items from the event are listed under "China".

The essential point seemed to be that you could do online digital media in China for profit, or artistic purposes, and slip in a little political comment in it, as long as you were careful to self censor.

One theme running through the conference was the effect of the Beijing Olympics on new media. I was with the skeptics on that one. The Olympics is not going to see a blossoming of digital video art on 3G phones and the like.

QUT's Kelvin Grove campus, where the event was held, is most impressive. Having part of the ABC on site (relocated from the abandoned Toowong offices) ads to the media atmosphere. The campus is an interesting combination of education, business and real estate development.

The QUT's digital art gallery I was less impressed with: this is essentially a big white empty building (with as much warmth as the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building) . In place of art, it has images projected on the blank walls. It would have helped if they had thought to install some human comforts, such as a toilet.

Thanks to the Online Opinionites for buying me pizza. There is a discussion of China and democracy running in the OO forum.

ps: What was the Wiki conference some people were at in the same venue?


Jude Smith said...

Hi Tom,

The Wiki Symposium was an interactive event involving roundtable interest group discussions and hands-on workshops for those interested in integrating wikis in teaching and learning, research and/or business collaboration. The keynote presentation from Stewart Mader (noted wiki/social software researcher, author and speaker)set the scene for some stimulating and informative discussion. We are now planning a follow up symposium in Novemeber. Jude Smith Creative Industries Faculty QUT

Unknown said...

Hi Tom. The 'art gallery' you're referring to is called The Block, and it's a multi-purpose space, which can be used for performance, art exhibition, gathering and etc. During the conference, it was used specifically to display digital works from students and artists from participating institutions such as QUT, CUC and ACID.