Thursday, July 12, 2007

MIT iCampus in Australia

Philip Long, from MIT's iCampus is in Australia talking to universities about the project. University of Queensland have an iCampus node.

There will be a presentation on the iCampus initiative 12th July in Canberra at the ANU:

Australian University Participation in the MIT iCampus Learning Outreach Program: What is it about and what is in it for us?

When: Thursday 12th July, 1:30pm

ANU Psychology Building, PSYCHG6

Speaker: Dr Philip Long, Senior Strategist, Office for Educational Innovation and Technology and Director for Learning Outreach for MIT iCampus MIT

with Dr Mark Schulz
Director of Learning Outreach, School of IT and Electrical Engineering, The University of Queensland and Director, Australian Hub of the iCampus Learning Outreach Program

"The iCampus Outreach Initiative seeks to disseminate innovative educational technology tools that can make a significant, sustainable difference in how well and quickly students learn, how much they remember, and how fast they can shift from absorbing facts and concepts to creating new ideas and solutions themselves. With generous support from Microsoft Research, iCampus Outreach seeks faculty and institutions looking to adopt new educational tools. The Outreach project will provide the software tools, supporting documentation, and guidance to assist higher education institutions to successfully implement these tools." Taken from

This talk will start with a very brief overview of the iCampus projects developed at MIT and being disseminated to the academic community. We will provide an additional focus on the iLabs project (online, remote experiments) with a view to ANU controlling access by students (24 hours per day, seven days per week from anywhere on the planet) to experiments and equipment at ANU.

To find out more information about the iCampus Outreach projects at MIT
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