Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tables for flexible learning centres

Rendering of the TEAL classroom at MITMIT's iCampus computer aided flexible learning centres are pictured with round tables seating nine students. But where do you get a circular table seating nine people? Would such a table be too difficult to install and move?

Eight seat modular classroom tableWith a quick web search I came across some modular classroom tables seating eight.Assuming a seven foot (2.134 meter) table is used. This provides 7.151 m around the table, or .795 m per student.

Modular student table for one studentThis is more than provided for a typical .7m student table. A modular system could use three modules each seating three students. Each module would be a segment 2.39 m by 1.067 m. For more flexibility the modules could be made from straight sided segments, as with the tables illustrated, to allow other arrangements.

Update: 17 August 2007

Kidney-Shaped TableA common design for modular classroom tables are Trapezoidal ( about 1500 x 750 x 750 x 750 mm). There are also some folding models, but some are designed for a meeting room, with the legs on the wrong side for classroom use. There are also
Kidney-Shaped Tables.

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