Friday, July 26, 2013

Open Knowledge Down Under

Dr. Rufus Pollock, founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation will speak on open knowledge and open data, around Australia in August 2013: Sydney 27 August, Canberra 28 August, Brisbane 29 August, Adelaide 30 August, and Melbourne 2 September.
Dr. Rufus Pollock graduated from Cambridge University as a Mead fellow in Economics (after graduating with a distinction in mathematics). Rufus is a well regarded economist because of his scholarly and advisory work on open data and open knowledge economies. Rufus co-founded the Open Knowledge Foundation in 2004 and personally wrote the first lines of code for the CKAN data system (Rufus is also an accomplished programmer). Rufus has sat on several government advisory panels including the British Prime Minister’s appointed Public Sector Transparency Board. This involved working with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who credited Rufus with starting the ‘Raw Data Now’ meme[1].

Currently, Rufus is a Shuttleworth fellow and is helping to expand the Open Knowledge Foundation worldwide, of which over 50+ chapters have formed including our Asia-Pacific neighbors: India, Nepal, Taiwan, China.

The objectives of this open knowledge tour include: Talk to government representatives about the idea of ‘open knowledge’ especially ‘open data’, ‘data journalism’ & other ‘open’ events and efforts. Launch the official OKFN Australian chapter.

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