Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Formulating Telecommunications Policy for Australia

The Australian Computer Society is convening a series of round-tables on telecommunications policy in August: Sydney Friday 16, Brisbane Tuesday 20 and Melbourne Thursday 29. My suggestion is policy on cyber security to combine public, industry and government efforts.
The role of telecommunications in driving national productivity is well known. Combined with rapid advances in cloud services and the developing open data revolution, the increasing levels of broadband connectivity in Australia bring us to a unique position in our history.
Australia is on the cusp of a new era of service delivery in many areas. 2013 also brings new challenges and new opportunities for the Telecoms industry and I am writing to all TSA members to invite you to a series of round-table conversations, seeking your views and expertise to help identify and clarify the challenges and opportunities facing Australia as viewed from a Telecoms perspective.
The roundtable conversations will take place in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne during August and will complement the work being done within the Australia 3.0 forum (a joint ACS, AiiA, Pearcey Foundation activity) which has looked at issues of productivity and enablers more broadly across the digital economy.
Our opportunity now is to focus on Telecoms in Australia. To seed the roundtable conversations, we will provide material from Australia 3.0 to registered attendees before the event.
Your thoughts and ideas are also welcome (please send these to tsa(a) before the roundtable dates). Places are limited for each roundtable conversation, so please RSVP at least one week before the event: Sydney Friday 16, Brisbane Tuesday 20 and Melbourne Thursday 29.

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