Thursday, August 01, 2013

What a Ton of Carbon Dioxide Looks Like

Ken Dean asks "What does a ton of Carbon Dioxide look like? (Naracoorte Herald, 1 August 2013). He points out CO2 is a colorless gas and asks how it can cost $23 per ton under the carbon pollution scheme. CO2 is an everyday commodity, used to put the bubbles in fizzy drinks. If you have seen a truck loaded with gas cylinders delivering to a pub, then you have seen a ton of CO2. Thirty of these large steel cylinders used in pubs for beer, hold about one ton of CO2. The cylinders are very heavy and if you dropped on on your foot you would realize how real CO2 is. Smaller CO2 cylinders are used in home soda-water makers. These hold about half a kilogram of CO2 and the last time I got a refill it was $14.00, making the CO2 of the carbon pollution scheme a bargain.

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