Thursday, November 22, 2012

Online Research Supervision using Moodle

Tom Worthington aboard USS Blue RidgeThese are some notes for an unconference session at  MoodlePosium 2012 on the topic "Online Research Supervision".
Moodle can be used for well structured course-work, but can it be used for supervising more fluid student projects and postgraduate research?

Tom Worthington has designed and run award winning on-line courses. He is now looking at how to apply this experience to supervising university student projects and postgraduate higher degrees, as a way to promote social inclusion.

A year ago I set out to look at "Learning On-line Tertiary Teaching for Research-Led Education" (August 20, 2011).

Some thoughts:
  1. Teach all degree students to communicate, mentor and lead (ie: teach them to teach).
  2. Blend vocational, higher education coursework and research, using online tools (Moodle and e-Portfolios).
See: "On-line Professional Education For Australian Research-Intensive Universities in the Asian Century".

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