Thursday, November 08, 2012

ANU Research on Extracting Useful Information from Twitter

Elly Liang will talk on "Time-aware Topic Recommendation Based on Micro-blogs" in the
CSIRO seminar room, 4pm, 12 November 2012, on the ANU campus in Canberra. The talk is free, but  let Paul know. you are coming so he can let you in. The CSIRO seminar room is in the ANU CS&IT building.
Monday 12 November
Elly Liang (ANU)
Time-aware Topic Recommendation Based on Micro-blogs
Topic recommendation can help users deal with the information overload issue in micro-blogging communities. This paper proposes to use the implicit information network formed by the multiple relationships among users, topics and micro-blogs, and the temporal information of micro-blogs to find semantically and temporally relevant topics of each topic, and to profile users' time-drifting topic interests. The Content based, Nearest Neighborhood based and Matrix Factorization models are used to make personalized recommendations. The effectiveness of the proposed approaches is demonstrated in the experiments conducted on a real world dataset that collected from
CSIRO seminar room, 4-5

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