Friday, November 09, 2012

Government Energy White Paper is a Waste of Energy

The Australian Department of Resources Energy and Tourism has released an Energy White Paper 2012. The paper's emphasis on smart meters is misplaced. An emphasis should be placed on smart appliances and systems, not smart meters. Proposals for remotely switching off TVs, computers, pool pumps or lights are nonsense. These devices should automatically switch, using Enabling ICT, not requiring consumer input.

A particular opportunity exists with domestic air conditioning, where high capacity units which must be installed by an electrician could be required to have intelligent management built in. These devices are easily regulated and the additional cost of smart control would pay for itself in energy savings for the consumer quickly. In addition air conditioners could be programmed to switch to low power mode during the relatively short annual peak periods, saving large investments in network capacity upgrades.

The way the white-paper is offered will waste energy. The first version offered is the full 8.3 Mbyte document. The web (HTML) a table of contents with the summary and then the separate chapters should be offered first, then the PDF versions, with the full paper last. It needs to be kept in mind that computer networks and computers consume energy. A change in the way this report is presented will reduce the amount of data to be transmitted by 90% and save energy.

Energy White Paper 2012


Executive Summary 
Abbreviations and acronyms

Part I: Australia's energy in context

Part II: Core elements of Australia's energy policy

Part III: Supporting energy policy outcomes

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