Monday, November 19, 2012

Ian Rankin on Standing in Another Man’s Grave

Greetings from the Australian National University, where crime fiction author Ian Rankin in conversation with former ANU Librarian Colin Steele. Ian started by explaining the five year gap between his latest Rebus novel Standing in Another Man's Grave and the previous one. The book are set in real time and Rebus had reached the retirement age for a Scottish detective, so the author retired the character. The return is explained by a change in retirement age.

Neville Dawson's 1982, Portrait of Manning Clark
At one point in the explanation of his writing process, Rankin looked over the heads of the packed lecture theatre and declaimed "Sean Connery!". What he had seen is Neville Dawson's 1982, Portrait of Manning Clark, the professor after whom the building is named. 

Sean Connery in 2008The painting has some resemblance to Conney. This then brought on a reminiscence, complete with Connery accent, about how the famous actor had expressed a wish to play the character Rebus in a film.

This was an entertaining evening for
Rankin fans. He will also be appearing:

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