Friday, November 16, 2012

Poor Business Process Design by GIO General Limited

Returning from a few days away I found three paper letters from GIO General Limited in my letterbox. These appear to have been sent a few days apart and were all about my company worker's compensation Insurance.

The first paper envelope I opened was an invoice for renewal of the insurance, the second was a tax invoice and the third a certificate of currency. Had I opened these one at a time on different days, I may well have paid the premium twice, as I received two invoices.

As I opened all the envelopes at once, I almost did not pay at all. The "Certificate of Currency" shows my insurance current for another year, suggesting I had already paid the premium.

I can think of no good reason why GIO wastes my time and their money by sending three documents in three envelopes. It would make more sense to send one invoice (which can also be a tax invoice) and then send the Certificate of Currency after payment. Ideally there should be the option of receiving these electronically, rather than on paper: who sends out paper invoices any more?

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