Friday, November 16, 2012

Implementation of eLearning: key factors for success

Greetings from the Australian National University  Science Teaching and Learning Colloquium on Research Led Education, where  Alex Webb is discussing online interactive eLearning
resources. She is showing materials for learning radiological anatomy at University of Southampton. The effectiveness of this material for undergraduate medical students at the University of Southampton and postgraduate-entry medical students at the ANU. While university study, these courses also have a vocational aspect, in that medical students are required to meet national standards for their practice, as well as learn theory and undertake research.

Dr. Webb mentioned that accessibility to the material was important. However, I tried looking at the "
Radiological Anatomy" from University of Southampton and was not able to access it. The materials required an Adobe x-director plug-in, which does not appear to be available for Linux. The  screenshots  have tiny text, too small for me to read. The UK, where University of Southampton is located,  has similar disability discrimination legislation to Australia and the university has a web page on how to design and assess accessible materials

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