Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wireless audio and clicker system for events

At a conference I attended today there was a device which looked a bit like a Blackberry smart phone on the desk in front of each delegate. This turned out to be a "IML Connector" from IML Ltd (Australian agent is Neil Agass). At the end of each presentation we were asked to insert the smart card provided with our registration into the top of the device. It then displayed my name and promoted me for an answer to the question the presenter was asking. This is much like the "clicker" devices used for student feedback in some course, but the device also has a small colour screen to provide feedback. There is also a microphone and loudspeaker ( and a headset socket) for two way audio and translation services. Of course the same facilities could now be provided using a smart phone, but it would be handy for events. The units looked very robust and able to stand up to being dropped on the floor. Of course as the devices are pocket size and wireless, they would be easy to steal, but presumably are not of any use to the theft without the back end system.

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